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Imagine the Difference... if all students used their inherent talents. Imagine students who are engaged, interested and passionate about the success of their career choice. How would that change the future workforce of America?

At Profiles, we believe an engaged student is a great asset and critical component for a successful education and career selection. For this reason, Profiles, the world's innovator and leader in assessment tools, offers an array of solutions to inspire the students throughout their journey through school, college and into the workforce.

The federal mandate,
No Child Left Behind, initiated an opportunity to create programs for communicating the career-cluster education modules mandated by Federal and State educational agencies.

Profiles Educational Services created PathwayBuilder, a custom, student-centered, age-appropriate e-portal system that assists students as they navigate through the life-long learning continuum, evaluates performance and provides 24/7 access to learning resources to achieve students' educational career objectives.

Educational Services also targets college, university and career technical education students. The Academic Coach assessment provides students with a review of their learning style, behavioral traits, and career interests. This information assists them with the selection of satisfying courses to support a degree program and successful career selection.

Customization of the Academic Coach assessment to meet the enrollment needs of each college or university can be a major factor in increasing the retention and graduation rates of the institution.

Academic Coach
An assessment tool to kindle students’ vision, strengthen their tenacity, encourage their creativity, and motivate them to be courageous.


Texas Lutheran University
in Seguin, TX, recently started a program with Profiles Educational Services to more accurately identify traits of successful students and develop programs to support students in the completion of their degree programs.

• More than 1.2 million students drop out every year.

• Of those who do graduate, only one out of four are prepared to handle college courses.

Nearly 44 percent of dropouts under age 24 are jobless.

Almost half (45 percent) of homeless Americans age 18-25 are dropouts.

Source: Strong American Schools, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, is a nonpartisan campaign supported by The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promoting sound education policies for all Americans.

The State of Louisiana received a donation “with honors” from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for promoting career clusters and assessment tools to validate students’ interests and abilities in selecting career pathways.

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